Frequently Asked Questions


How many men and women clients do you have?

TMA currently has about 1,800 men clients and 1,800 women clients. In order to maximize the chances of success for both our men and women clients, we make sure that the ratio of men to women clients never falls seriously out of balance. We do this by adjusting the amount of advertising directed at men or women.


What are my chances of marrying a Japanese woman?

Your chances of marrying a Japanese woman depend on how attractive the women find you and the life you can offer them. For this reason, we suggest you send a good photo of yourself and do a careful job filling out your profile form. Please try to avoid photos that make you look intimidating, unfriendly, angry, goofy, depressed, or undignified. (See our Guidelines for Effective Profile Writing and Photo Submission for some important tips that may help improve your chances.)


Women have always considered me below average in attractiveness. Do I have a chance to succeed?

Yes. TMA has seen many instances of men who were "below average" who succeeded in spite of initial low expectations. Physical attractiveness is only one thing the women look at. They'll also look at all the information on your profile as well as your personality. Once you've contacted a woman, it's up to you to convince her you're a good man she should consider marrying.


How long will it take for me to meet a lady?

This varies greatly from client to client. Sometimes the initial contacts take place very quickly. At other times, it takes a moderate or longer time to make a contact. It depends, again, on how attractive the women find you, but is also greatly affected by the way in which you approach them, as well as your requirements for the women. If you are too demanding, it'll often take longer to start a serious relationship, so we suggest you request to contact as many women as possible in order to maximize your chances of contacting them as quickly as possible.


Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We guarantee to provide the profile mailing and request services described in our brochure and on our website, but we cannot guarantee that you'll succeed in finding a marriage partner. Success at that depends on many factors beyond our control. For example, it depends on how attractive the women find you and on your ability to form a relationship that will lead to marriage. It also depends on how demanding you are insofar as the characteristics and age of the woman are concerned. Since TMA has no control over those things, we are unable to offer a money-back guarantee.