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生まれ年 1959
国籍 カナダ人
居住国 カナダ
上記に何年間住んでいますか 1974
身長 168 cm
体重 63 kg
髪の色 Black
目の色 Brown
結婚歴 Single
仕事 Technical Service
勤続年数 1996
学歴 College
語学 English & Filipino
宗教 Catholic
性格 / ライフスタイル
趣味や興味 Listening and singing to songs on Hi-Fi, electronics & travelling.
いつか子どもが欲しいですか Undecided
既に子どもがいますか No
タバコを吸いますか No
自分自身の性格をどう思いますか Responsible, full of surprises, cheerful & patient.
貴方にとって最も大切な事とは何ですか Natural smiles, being fit and healthy & a balance life.
今までに訪れた国 Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Israel, Japan, Malta & Spain


I am a practicing Catholic which means I attend mass each Sunday and certain feast days. Are you ready to take a marriage preparation course?


To find an equal partner who can meet the daily challenges of life as we grow together in love, mercy and compassion and to become inter-dependent.


An ideal match is someone who is fun, has a neat appearance, stable demeanor, fit and healthy in mind and body, and who has a common sense approach in handling money.